Professional Speaking

Frantz Derenoncourt, Jr, is a knowledgeable and passionate speaker on the history of Haiti. His message chronicling the fall and rise of Haiti, on the way to gaining independence from European and French rule, is quickly becoming popular amongst a growing audience.

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**Frantz will also create a custom presentation based on the needs of any and every audience. Fees are negotiable!

Speaking Programs:

Historical Haiti:

This in depth program explores the history of Haiti and the struggles faced and overcome by Haitians to become the first black republic. Many significant historical figures are highlighted in this powerful presentation. Every attendee will leave with a thorough understanding of Haitian history.

Black Man Rise:

Black Man Rise focuses on the black man’s ability to face ever present adversity head on, while leaning on his innate ability to thrive. This program is based on the historical context of the many black men who have stood tall through adversity throughout time, leaving legacies for the ages. There is an over comer in every black man. Frantz Derenoncourt, Jr will take every audience member to a place strength and awareness of their power to thrive in any situation.